Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teaching Hands:Believe in you.

How could Tad do this to me, Natasha muttered to herself.

"After all I've done for him."She spoke outloud to no one.While looking into her coffee mug, that old feeling of disappointment began to creep in. She felt as though a Vampire came by and sucked her dry. Not that she's had any experience in that sort of thing. Perhaps Natasha needs to contact a blood sucker to take her out of her misery. Something to ponder....?

"At every turn there seems to be a letdown." She stated. "There has got to be a way out of this mess." "How?" No immediate answers came to her. Instead she fell into a trance like state.

Deep in thought Natasha began to twirl her long brown hair. Before she realized it her hair was now wrapped around her index finger and somehow inter twined with the large ring she wore. She began to look around for help. No one was available. Everyone was enjoying the person they were with. Natasha's blue mood began to add new life to her already feeling of being a failure - loser.

"Don't dispair." She heard in her head. "Great now I'm going mental."

"Hi. You seem to be all tied up. Can I help?" Came a gentle female voice. Now I'm hearing voices, Natasha said in her head while looking up to see a smiling angelic face.

"Yes, I can use your help."

Both women began to laugh as they unwrapped Natasha's index finger from her hair. The older woman named Leslee, made a comment to Natasha.

"No matter what happens, always believe in yourself. You can do anything you want to do. Make sure you create a simple plan of action with realistic due dates for goals."