Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teaching Hands Description - Involvement

MISSION: We are a teaching non-profit organization using the arts to aid those in need and teach the community new coping skills, by helping others.

There is a crisis in our nation and Meridian, Idaho - transitional life changes. Another disaster is the art of communications and listening, they are dead. These two fire breathing dragons have caused such hideousness with; homelessness, hunger, obesity, depression, abuse, anxiety and violence.

Who is effected the most? Children and their families. The Meridian Police Department and Teaching Hands have teamed up for prevention. Our office building will be a processing center, casual classroom and resources for the community. Our blog is teaching the nation as we have done face to face for the past five years. We are more than happy to team up with other agencies involving children and their families.

A restaurateur of twenty years gathered his knowledge and mine of humantarian efforts to create this prototype. The community goes into the Teaching Hands restaurant to eat. The profits go back into the community for those in need. This for seven days a week, 14 1/2 operating hours. The Vet Center has teamed up with us by providing volunteers to work in the restaurant. Teens at risk, those on probation will be volunteering as well. 

For those wanting to be a silent sponsor, benefactor or philantropist (tax deductible) you have until Wednesday, August 21, 2013 to participate with the restaurant. This is due to time restrictions and our busy season is upon us. The blog, videos and social media needs my immediate attention.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Teaching Hands. We look forward in working with you. Many Blessings toward your endeavors in making your community a better place.


Cindy Williams
Creator of
Teaching Hands