Saturday, November 26, 2011

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Teaching Hands came up with a program to assist with the lack of food available in the community of Meridian, Idaho

November 26, 2011

For more information:
Cindy Williams 343-4725

"Thank you for doing this," stated a veteran who attended a dinner. "You’re welcome. We'll be here until we are no longer needed,” Williams stated. She continued with, "We both know that isn't happening anytime soon."

Teaching Hands in Boise, Idaho and American Legion Post 113 in Meridian, Idaho have partnered together to give a free meal on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays from 5-7:30 pm at the American Legion (22 W. Broadway, Meridian, ID). Included are free handcrafted hats and scarves from the volunteers of Teaching Hands to give comfort and warmth to those in need. They will also demonstrate the needle arts for those interested. All volunteers that want to drop off a food item or handcrafted item are always welcome.

Networking and gathering resources is a pleasure for Teaching Hands. As is the gift of gab with those that like to socialize.

Williams extended the Teaching Hands program to the Meridian Food Bank when she learned their shelves are low on food. Through partnering with the American Legion Post 113, their doors are open to everyone during the hours and dates stated above. "Some left overs are given to those that attend to take home to their families." Williams said.