Monday, October 10, 2011

American Legion & Teaching Hands in Meridian, Id

Please come to our meet-up at the American Legion on 22 W. Broadway  & Meridian (corner) in Meridian, Idaho; starting October 20th a Thursday. We will meet the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month unless there is a holiday. (They are behind the new city hall.) We have chosen an open house gathering from 4-8pm.

During our first meeting we are serving soup & sandwiches to those attending & walk-ins. Since this is our first one we don't know how many people will be showing up. We're using the first come first serve approach. 

We need volunteers to help with serving, prepping the food and clean-up. The students or volunteers are more than welcome to bring donated food items for the sandwiches and other foods to go with them. 

This will also be a time for orientation about Teaching Hands. Volunteers will be need to pass out scarves or create a card. We need every knitter, crocheter, loom knitting and sewer on board to make scarves. Right now we tens-of-thousands handcrafted scarves. Every aspect of public affairs in needed too.

Please forward this message to everyone and anyone to become involved.

Thank you,

Cindy ;-)