Monday, April 12, 2010

Canoe Pot-Holder Crocheted

Please let me know if you find any typos in this note. My friend Gloria shared this pattern verbally with me as did her sister for her. The yellow one is the forth one I've created. These are easy to do! Have fun!!!

Either a size I or H crochet hook. You want a tight stitch to avoid holes.

Depending on the size of the pot-holder is how many you'll chain. I chose to make big ones.

The pictures in this note are showing chained 35 stitches with an I hook.
Single Crochet (SC) in the second stitch from the hook; SC in each stitch to the end of the row. Do not turn. Continue to SC along the bottom of the stitches just made. You are now working in a round. SC around the piece. It will start to look like a canoe. Round and round you go until it closes as a square.

Turn right side out, chain 10, then SC the opening shut. Come back up using the slip stitch, SC around the chain ten for loop, tie off, tuck in remaining yarn. Now you have a pot-holder.

Fold in the middle to form four corners and slip stitch (sl st) closed to form a square.