Monday, February 15, 2010

Our special volunteer Gloria does it again!

Gloria and I meet in the summer of 2008 at the Library! Hillcrest. She brought a large stack of crocheting and knitting books for me to find a pattern for her. We struggled in trying to pick one item for her to knit. Or was that crochet.

This past Saturday was no different in viewing a another stack of books. Like Gloria, books are one of my favorite places to go for inspiration in making things. There were numerous easy patterns that stimulated both of us to complete our projects to start another one. I got to do the frog, rip it! Gloria handed me two completed scarves and started another one.

Gloria has a warm side of her that loves to help. I lost count with all of the yarn she has donated to us. Today that box is all gone in keeping people warm. The off-white scarf (first picture) doesn't have a handcrafted owner. She found it in a box of yarn that was given to her. Maybe her sister made it.

By looking real hard you'll see the beginning of the scarf Gloria finished "last year."

Maggie is the cute lady who chose to be the model of Gloria's scarf for this blog. She's one of the nicest employees at the 3 B's. You'll also find my office out of the coffee-bar.... Tomorrow's blog will go into further detail about the buzz where one can find a bumble bee car.

I'm very proud of Gloria and her accomplishments in helping Teaching Hands.

Written by: Cindy Williams

Photography by: Cindy Williams