Friday, January 29, 2010

WHO stated 1,000 children under 5 die every hour

Four organizations are on a mission to help the children of the world. Each of us have our own tasks. Three of the nonprofits have been around - forever. Teaching Hands is the new kid compared to World Health Organization, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Save the Children.

A direct quote from World Health Organization - (WHO) 24 July 2008. And I'm sharing their pictures. "Nearly 10 million children under the age of five die each year – more than 1000 every hour – but most could survive threats and thrive with access to simple, affordable interventions." A little further down the web page is this: "From one month to five years of age, the main causes of death are pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, measles and HIV. Malnutrition is estimated to contribute to more than one third of all child deaths."

The mission started by bringing awareness to my local community. Followed by asking for everyone to participate however they can. Then came the questions; "What about the school age children?" "Don't the deserve to be warm also?" A lot of them come from needy homes. There are the ones that are homeless. Aren't you going to keep them warm too?

On-line I stumbled upon a phenomenal woman.... "Philanthropist Melinda French Gates was recognized for her efforts to reduce infant mortality rates through Save the Children's Saving Newborn Lives program." Mrs. Gates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) is the one who caught my attention with a comment she made. Her foundation had sent sterile medical equipment and vaccine's for the children. Her last statement was the one that stuck for the past three years. She stated that a cap will help to keep the child warm. Who will make the caps? Aloud I stated, "Me."

No one has asked me to speak for the children. I appointed myself.

Three years later and the WHO information still gets to me. Eyes go wide when I have the opportunity to share the information face to face. A disbelief can come across when a discussion takes place with how bad things are. There are times this entire project is overwhelming. One day at a time works wonders. The Power of Prayer too! Complete understanding its impossible for one person to make millions of hats, helps. I'll go out on a limb to state, "It will take millions of participants to keep the children warm." No, I've not forgotten the adults too.

Will all of us work together to erase the horrific troubles children are experiencing around the world. Teaching Hands will do our best to make sure this happens. Stay tuned....

Written by: Cindy Williams

Photography by: World Health Organization