Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm on a mission!

Last year the local newspaper did an interview with me and our volunteers. Being my first interaction with the press had my nerves a tad frazzled. At that time me being behind the scenes was my comfort zone. A camera with a large lens wasn't. Then came the question from the photojournalist that has stuck with me since. He asked why am I making handcrafted items to keep the needy warm. Boy, was I surprised what flew out of my mouth.

The conversation went something like this. Have you watched the movie Blues Brothers? The scene where they are in sunglasses talking to the nun. We both smile at each other. One of them stated, "We are on a mission from God." That's what I am. "I'm on a mission from God."(The first picture is me being silly with the camera came up with my own rendition from the movie. lol.)

A year has come and gone since, that interview. Plenty of time for me to realize that I am on a mission. While being on a hot pursuit in getting Teaching Hands to be a nonprofit while help others, a gift arrived. I learned more about myself. And how important my artistic means aided me in living a healthy life-style. Writing and the needle arts are a way of life for me. Knitting will comfort me during those times my soul is troubled. The writing lets me talk to all of you. It also keeps my mind clear from the clutter. My version of dancing keeps the stress off of my body. I live the life that Teaching Hands is teaching others. (Bert moment because he is the mascot of Teaching Hands.)

All fun aside this is what I look like while being on my mission from God. I'm blessed to have figured out why I'm here. Or my purpose in life. My goal is to help others have the same thing. In closing I'll leave you with this saying I came up with: Through the arts you can learn about yourself, learn about others and the world around you.

Written by: Cindy Williams

Photography by: Cindy Williams