Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deplorable living conditions for human-beings to keep warm must stop.

Five years ago, my body wasn't able to keep me warm. (I'm thankful those days no longer exist.) Besides wearing layers there was a hat, scarf, shawl and blanket with me at all times in the seventy degree home. Being fortunate to have the skills of knitting and crocheting kept me cozy. I was able to make hats/scarves to match the clothes I wore. All snug in my layers of warmth my thoughts traveled to those who were cold. Do the homeless ever get warm in the winter months? What about the patients with a terminal illness?

(Through the prior questions that rambled in my mind is how Teaching Hands began its creation.)

While following a strict schedule my body began the slow process to function in a healthy manner. My brain continued to ponder about the human-beings keeping warm. My now troubled spirit was comforted by being persistent with the knitting. There were several kitchen trash bags filled with hats, scarves and shawls. I knew in my heart there was a bigger picture in front of me. Little did I know this complication would change my life.

There were hours spent in doing research for the less fortunate to keep warm. My first mission was making hats for the five million newborns/children under five years of age that were dying per year around the world. A rapid realization came to my mind that one woman isn't capable in resolving this issue. Followed by this came another difficulty in my own community. People were not aware of human-beings being cold. My mission grew to teaching people the awareness and participation.

The facts are: there is an immediate need in our world to keep people warm. You are viewing this in your local community. You see the homeless and needy throughout your town. Turn on your television to view the abhorrent conditions in Haiti. There are horrendous situations throughout the world with people remaining cold.

In my eyes we must bring this to a stop!

We at Teaching Hands are asking you to become involved. Spreading awareness is a task you can do. Knit a hat or scarf. Pull out the sewing machine. What are your community needs? Your family? Friends? Yourself? Asking your local church. Or a hospital's volunteer office. Gather your friends at the local coffee-bar. You are more than welcome to help us. When you need our aid give us a holler. By all of us working together we can change the world to be a better place.

As you look at the pictures in this post keep in mind the handcrafted items have kept a person warm.

Written by: Cindy Williams

Photography by: Cindy Williams