Saturday, December 12, 2009


Ever wondered what it all means? Why snow, cold, ice, fire? Why pain, joy, love, rejection, sorrow? Well, you’re not alone. More importantly, you are not alone. One of life’s purposes is to prepare us for life. A friend once told me, “God never wastes a hurt.” What you’ve been through, someone else is experiencing now. You can get them through it like you got through it.

If you’re struggling now – in distress, grief, illness, or fear – reach out, let others know. Someone in your circle has been there. And many more of us care. You matter to us – and to God.

With You In It

Even though the path ruts aim in directions not desired –
Even though the charcoal cumuli accumulate –
Even though the befriended are unusually unfriendly –
Even though the cacophony knows no quiet breaks –
Even though the rocky road is stumble-strewn –
Even though the skin of the soul bears the burn of bitter tears –
Even though the gates of heaven appear to be no gates at all –
Still the world’s a warm and pleasant place –
With you in it.

Like the fine and simple snow line on the bare branch of a tree –
Like the elegance of a single glistening snowflake –
Like the stillness of the early, darkened morning –
Like the pungent flavor of a cooling cup of coffee –
Like the comfort of some worn and welcome slippers –
Like the flickering brilliance of the candle in the corner –
Like the prayer whose answer starts before the praying –
The world’s a hyperbolic curve approaching perfect –
With you in it.

©2009 Neal Visser