Monday, December 21, 2009

A Sunday Walk Along the Boise River

Hard to believe how fast my weeks go. I keep telling myself to walk more... You know that little thing called exercise. With the change of the weather I ride the exercise bike when the days are icky outside. Every Sunday I take myself on a hike to view one of my favorite parts of the Boise River. I've meet many interesting people along the path - last picture. One man brings his captured hawk on his walks - forth picture down. Bert says hello to all the four legged creatures. I end up petting the dogs.

The pictures you are viewing are from one of my walks along the river near Barbara Park. [In the summer this is the starting spot to float the river.] We just had a good snow fall of about five inches. One reason I like this spot is you are in the city yet, wild life can be around you. I won't forget the time a bald eagle circled my head looking for a fish. Deer are know for this area. There are cattle way over there which had Ernie the Elk visited them. They claimed he was the elk that liked city life.

We had just finished our zero temperatures for numerous days. The blurred honey bee was alive when its picture was taken. Thank goodness my friend spoke real loud before my foot squashed the little guy. The bee was on the path trying to get enough energy to fly out of the snow ruts. Unfortunately my camera doesn't do close-ups very well. Or maybe its the operator? I'm amazed this little guy stayed with us until, we put him in a safe place. Kinda like spring mixed in with winter?

Heading back to the truck it dawned on me how our lives can be very fast pace. I'll admit mine has been a whirl wind. Where we don't take the time to enjoy, be joyful, rest or take a walk. How the days seem to fly by. Unless, we take the time to harness the speed we'll miss out on the little things of life. Like seeing a honey bee in the winter.