Monday, December 7, 2009

I was frustrated with Twitter until: He walked in.

A year ago is when my friend told me that I needed to Twitter, my prolonged silence got her to become very chatty about the website and its' uses. After several seconds of silence clipped by my reply was; "You've got to be kidding me."

She then informed me that anyone being anyone is doing the Twitter. At that time in my life I was working on writing a book and busy creating handcrafted items to help keep the needy, homeless and terminally ill warm. With all that on my plate who has time to play the 140 character game?

Like everyone else I set-up an account and after a couple of months I figured this was a waste of my time. Months later came back to the Twitter account; nothing all that fantastic or earth shattering happened until: he walked in. Chris Voss.

"Chris Voss is a Twitter / Social Media Consultant, owner of Strategix One Consulting"

Chris has his own show....

Being me, I had to see what all the fuss was about. To my relief Chris's videos were easy to follow. All of his blog posts are content worthy. I enjoy his professional manner mixed with humor.

Here are just two examples of our growth:

Through one of Chris's videos; his advice about had us grow from a ranking of 98/100 to 10/100 in just a couple of months. During the same time period with we are #1 in Boise and #2 in Idaho.

I could on and on with all of Chris's videos and how they have helped us grow at Twitter. But better yet just give his blog a try. What do have to lose?

One more thing before I let you go; Chris is a man of his word.Thank you, Chris for taking the time to help us here at Teaching Hands.