Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teaching Hands Introducing Bert

Bert is a lover. My days are full of kisses. Sometimes his tongue will dart in and out of my mouth. Ick! In his world the day is great as long as mommy [me] is in his sites. We will be faced with many changes because, of Teaching Hands. Another location will be added besides home and the truck.

He is my shadow when food is involved. Or when I was gone for minutes. There are those accidents when I step on him. He gets under foot while I'm cooking. Grapefruit is one of Bert's favorite. He enjoys all veggies except for mushrooms. Yes, he loves any type of meat. During the summer I bbq him a hamburger. In general Bert loves people food.

Bert is a tea cup, long haired Chihuahua. He is under 5lbs unless he's eaten his burger. This little guy is all muscle. Can't say this about his owner. My goal is to be in the physical shape he's in. The prior sentence is another story of its own.

One of Bert's playmates is Dallas a Great Dane. When Bert escapes, I'll find him in Dallas's yard down the street. Bert knows he's in deep trouble with me. He'll give me his cutest look he can muster.

We have the four seasons in Boise, Idaho. Most pet owners put their small pets in coats, sweaters to keep them warm. Bert will have none of that. He prefers sunspots and blankets. Bert will growl at you if you should make the mistake in trying to move him.

The truck that I drive is Bert's truck. His home away from home. This includes a blanket, toys, water, treats and his leash. He guards it with his might. Depending on the weather he'll ride with me. Bert doesn't go with me into public buildings. When I come back there is a slathering of kisses.

Since a puppy Bert has been socialize. He loves to meet other dogs. Not so much with people. They are giants to him. Most people believe him to be a puppy. No, I say. He's five years old.

On we travel to another adventure with Teaching Hands. Not sure where its all going to take me. One thing I do know, there is a cute dog waiting to kiss me all over.