Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seven lords a leaping, code enforcement and unruly yarn.

Hello Everyone,

Must be that time of year again. Where there are more projects for me to do than time. Or would that be me clearing out the administrative work to create. Point in case is the picture you are viewing. The mess is the summer sweater I started in March. April?

While trying to fix the unruly yarn my normal calm self was going out the garage. (My office is out of the garage.) Every time there was snafu with the yarn I got to look at our bully's trash. This neighbor has left the trash cans out since the beginning of time. Extra trash cans were put out full of tree clippings. Hm, hot sun, wind and fire?

Anywho, while chastising myself for not finishing this easy sweater. I began to ask why am I looking at the trash cans. Other neighbors put their trash cans away. Pulled from my thoughts was the tangled yarn.

Bottom line here. Earlier this year took the time to seperate projects and place them in different bags. The one chosen for the sweater was also used as my purse. When I'd pull out the sweater the mess looked beyond repair. Figured the bag would fix things and crochet the sweater. Grumbled to myself, r-i-g-h-t.

I took a break from the yarn and called code enforcement. The nice lady told me to continue to call if there were any more troubles. Trying to be the good person here felt better that I helped our community to look better.

As though the yarn knew my frustration level had gone down, it untangled itself. Within the week I'll post the pattern for the sweater. Shoot! I failed to write down the instructions as they popped into my head. A friend of mine has been helping me to break this.

There were no seven lords a leaping. However the book I'm reading by Sarah Jefferies has plenty of lords, historic romance. Oh baby!

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Wait! Did you get the opportunity to see the adorable pink sweater Leslee made?

And that's a wrap.