Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Affiliate out of California

I'm very excited that we have an affiliate group from California, Crafter's in the Attic . These ladies do wonderful work around the nation. Leslee and myself will be posting pictures of their work for you to see. We will share with you which area of the nation they are working in.

Leslee, is the group leader. Through her talents in the needle arts I've learned many things from her.

We meet on-line through a different charity group. We've both moved on to our specific callings if you will. Flipping back through my memory bank I believe we've been friends for five years, now. Leslee does this seem right to you? You and I could write a book in all of the 'life lessons' we've learned. Or the new patterns you've bailed me out of cause I added an extra step. :-) I could go on and on all day but you the reader might doze off.

Here is a snippet from Leslee's last post:

"I will give this one to a woman in the church who is expecting her first born daughter or donate it to one of our group events. I'm thinking of donating this one. I thinking that some young mother is going to be thrilled with it. Regardless, if I choose the woman in the church or an event."

Click here to read and view the afghan. Her hand-crafted work is beautiful.

One last thing before I let you go. Teaching Hands is a yarn angel to this wonderful group of ladies.

We'll chat again soon.

PS - The new version of FireFox no longer allows me to borrow images from Leslee. Please go to her blog to view the afghan.