Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New items from Leslee

Hello Everyone,

Have you seen the cute handcrafted items from Leslee? Oh my they are just adorable!

Nice job on your completed sweater. The dress is just too cute!

Below are Leslee's words from her prior post. She knows I come by and borrow her wording. teehee teehee

"I make beanies really well but something goes wrong when I concentrate on a bonnet..go figure huh? If anyone who reads this has a bonnet pattern that is fool proof ..ya know, the ones you could do in your sleep sort. I truly would appreciate it if you would share it with me."

"Last night I finished up a beret I was making for my grand daughter Gabbie. She is 16 yrs old and wanted a new hat for picture day this thursday. So on sunday afternoon I started it and finished it last night..its awesome..I so wanted to share it with you but I forgot to take a picture of .. I guess I'll have to go make another so you can see how quick and easy it worked up. I made most of it while watching Lord of the Rings, the two towers .. I've seen this movie tons of times so taking my eyes off of it could be done..but the only time I really needed to concentrate away from the movie is when I switched rows..just to make sure I did it correctly. Also to note on this beret pattern..."

Leslee, will you send me a copy of the beret pattern. As you know I have been wanting to make one since last fall.

When you have time check out Leslee's handcrafted items.

And that's a wrap.