Friday, August 21, 2009

Mothers Are People

Mothers are people who cook things
Like breakfast of lunch or a snack;
Dextrous people who hook things
Which button of zip up the back.
Mothers are people who blow things,
Balloons and kisses and noses;
Green-thumbish people who grow things
Like ivy and puppies and roses.
Mothers are people who send things
Like letters and strawberry tarts.
Magical people who mend things
Like blue jeans and elbows and hearts.
Mothers are people who find things
Like mittens and homework and germs;
Fuss-budget people who mind things
Like cuss words and snowballs and worms.
Mothers are people who sweep things
Like porches and cobwebs and rugs;
Soft-hearted people who keep things
Like artwork, report cards and hugs.
Mothers are people who nurse things,
A boy or a girl or a spouse.
And, all in all, there are worse things
Then MOTHERS to have in your house.

...Author unknown

* Contributed by the amazing Shirley

*.* Typed and posted at Knit n' Satire. There are four other stories posted too. oooooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Who loves ya, Sarah?