Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hard worker bees in the attic

Hello Everyone,

I've spent about five minutes to copy/paste one image from Leslee's blog. The new version (I have) of Firefox will not allow me to copy/paste images. I took the next route by posting the image URL for you to see the beautiful work. If this doesn't work click here. Worth your effort and trip.

Leslee managed to complete her climbing shell blanket. Click here to take a look.

If any of you decide you like this pattern. Its for charity use only. Please email me at: and I will share this with you.

Crafter's in the Attic "current event is one that takes all newborn/baby things including things for moms.. Adding these sort of things make the donation so special to those who receive it. Many thanks, Judy! Your work is awesome!!"

Until we meet again! Hook's up! Leslee
For those of you who are interested in joining this great group click here.

Leslee, thank you for sharing what your group is doing. Always fun to see what the ladies create for an event.