Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 70's, spring of 1994 to present day

Hello Everyone,

Of late my life seems to be on fast forward. Neck breaking pace is more like it. While selling Teaching Hands for start-up funds I've been cleaning. The type that makes you sneeze due to all the dust. The clean-up of dead bodies in the box or bin. My patients grows thin when the creepy crawly dashes across my skin. When they bite me. . .

Within the week the pictures will be posted of the generous donations to help Teaching Hands. Other photos will be the awesome volunteers handcrafted work. We are blessed to have a great group.

While going through the boxes I notice one of my personal bins had a funky smell. What on earth happened to the plastic bin to be foul? The suspense was killin' me (not really). Anywho opened the lid to have my nose assaulted with a stench. What died in here was my initial reaction. (My friends would say right about now, "Cindy the writer in you has come out to play.")

Moving along.

Placed the bin on the work station. I've been using the tail gate of the truck. Everything in side was bubble wrapped and wet. Wet? Didn't take long to see what created such a mess. My friends old 1970's, blue lava lamp exploded. My dolphin, music box, globe also exploded. This happens when you store your things in an uncontrolled environment.

I was upset while looking at the destroyed items. Shedded a could of tears while trying to clean up the mess. The picture attached in this blog got ruined. This was an assignment in a beginning art design course taken at the local college. One of my favorite pieces of work.

I look forward in hearing about your art disasters.

And that's a wrap.