Thursday, July 16, 2009

Working toward our new building at 5326 Overland Rd.

Hello Everyone,

The blurring on this picture was done on purpose to protect the innocent. Those front doors are to the Library! @ Hillcrest. More eye straining will allow you to see our conference room (The Camas) in the upper left corner of image. We are very thankful for the library's help and generosity. They have been awesome in letting us meet here for the past ten months. Our goal is to be neighbors with the library and other locations like Discount Duds. (Tomorrow I'll be sharing with you the partnership we have with Discount Duds.)

This picture is blurry since, I didn't wear my cheaters. We are putting our efforts in getting into the building. The location is great because its in the Hillcrest Shopping Center. Once a thriving place that has become a tad empty. We can't forget the important things like money, paper work, communications, meetings that will take place to get us in here. School is around the corner (hard to believe) and we will not fit into the Library's conference room. One could say the clock is ticking. . . I told the children we should have sewing machines set-up by the time they come back from summer vacation.

We will keep you posted with our progress in moving into this wonderful community.