Monday, July 6, 2009

There Are Two of Us

Hello Everyone,

I'm blessed every day with the friends that I have. More blessing have arrived since, my friend Cindy has become a volunteer with us. Her up beat personality, laughter and willing to help has been a great asset. At first she volunteered to deliver all of the completed hand crafted items.

We need to go back about three months. I promise a safe and quick trip. Here we go: One evening her and Mr. T (husband) came to visit. I was going through a bunch of items that were donated to us. I had just finished playing with a rectangle loom that was donated. (I'll admit not my cup of tea.) I began to show this to Cindy. (Her and I have tried for years for a craft project for us to do together.)She looked at me and made mention that she'd like to try. Well that was music to my ears.

She took off with this scarf in a hurry. We even went out to the mobile office to get her more yarn. Will explain the mobile office within this week. Now, Cindy was ready to go with more scarf making when she was ready. The office had a free couple of inches to stuff another item inside. Within weeks Cindy had finished the scarf with my help in binding it off. Her ending stitches were very tight, tight tight.

The picture above all of this writing was Cindy's second loomed scarf. She learned how to fringe her item. Cindy completed her first hat last week. Just gotta takes is picture and then post to all of you.

We are very thankful for Cindy delivering all of the completed items to Saint Lukes Foundation and Womens and Children Alliance in Boise.

See Cindy, I told you we'd find a craft project for you.