Thursday, July 23, 2009

The temporary (garage) office

Hello Everyone,

Bert was busy guarding the office chair while I took pictures of the temporary office in the garage. I had to lift him out of the chair, so, I could sit down and write this blog. Chi's are creatures that have a mind of their own.
Did I ever tell you that Bert loves food? Hard to believe with an animal this small. Perhaps one of these days he could share his high metabolism with me?

Moving along to the second picture.

My official desk is an old kitchen table a neighbor donated to us. The yarn sitting off to the right of the laptop is a donation. Not sure what to make of the "Lee Target" Poodle yarn.It's 100% pure wool form Great Britain. The stuff even feels like the dogs coat, poodle. Have you used this fiber before?

I don't have the strength to show you the entire messy garage. Truth be know, it's not that bad. Around 50 boxes of stuff from years worth of collecting things. You know how it is when family members hand you their treasures? Or when you inherit them?

Now you've seen the non-official office of Teaching Hands.

Until we chat again, have a creative day.