Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One of Shirley's Lap-Robe

Hello Everyone,

Besides being an awesome crocheter/knitter Shirley, is a great story teller. She keeps us in stitches with the jokes she shares with us every Thursday evening. Several times Diane the supervisor of the library had to quiet us down. (I have a laugh that could wake the dead.)Shirley waits until things are calm before she continues with the next up-roar of laughter. We appreciate her wonderful humor and talent with her lap-robes.

The one you are viewing is from a pattern by Florence Boehm, called, "Country Afghan." A great pattern to use up some left over yarn you may have. Within a couple of days I'll be posting Shirley's other lap-robes from this pattern. The purple one is my fav.

When time allows I'll post one of Shirley's jokes with her donation.

Thank you Shirley for all of your hard work.