Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby and toddler clothes at 50 cents

Hello Everyone,

No you are not looking at a typo or any other form of error. Ray at Discount Duds has lots of baby and toddler clothes in his store.
He will continue to run the sale of fifty cents a piece for about a month. Or until the stock goes down. You see there are about three to four hundred pounds of toddler clothes sitting in the back.

Now I'll admit this isn't the best picture to show off the clothes. However, the digi-camera and myself seem to be on speaking terms. (No need in boring you with all the details.) Needles to say I'll need to go back to Discount Duds to take more pictures for you all to see the great toddler clothes.

I'll try and have more pictures by tomorrow.

Until then have a creative day.