Sunday, June 28, 2009

Those Darling Faces?

Hello Everyone,

Hard to believe the cute faces of children can act up in public or class for that matter. Yes, I'm well aware this is a fact of life and all that jazz.

I knew things were going south so to speak when the car didn't work. Then my companion was running late which left me running late to class. Okay I was ten minutes not a big deal.... Or so I thought. Being as calm as a cucumber I waltzed into the library.

After the door closed behind me there was an energy to the place. The kind that wanted me to stage left or the abort mission. Being the cool person that I am continued to walk into the lions den, literally.

I'll spare you all the glory details.... lets just say there were some students feeling abandon or left out. Then there were about four different people needing my immediate attention. On top of that were the guys running in and out of the boardroom, Camas.

A yarn theft took place?

Then the fact class was over with a couple of students still in the room. I gathered my things and proceeded out the door. They were in shock that I was leaving.... hey, numerous books were in my hands about spinning and knitting.

Hm, this class structure will need a change for next year. Under 13 years of age you need an adult to be with you. Yep, that sounds good for my stress level.

The head librarian and I were amazed at how calm I was. To this very moment still don't understand where that came from. Must be the North Pole cold front we are having . Just not myself with these colder temps?

I'm off to complete another scarf for a client. Until then keep warm with your hand crafted items.