Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stay Put - No Sliding

Hello Everyone,

The orange and blue hat is my first beanie that is going to the Boise Rescue Mission. The grey one is the second one I made, going to BRM. These hats were completed sometime in December of 2008. You see there were some problems with these two. The kind of trouble that has you groan. In my case threw them into the bottom of a box. Out-of-sight-out-of-mind. Worked well?

Sure I tried them on as I knitted, fitted great. This became an illusion when I moved around. The ever slide up your head situation occurred. Followed by pulling it back down, ick.

Yes I do? No I don't pull the frog manuever with two completed hats? There must be an easier way.

One night around 3AM BAM.... the idea hit me to single crochet a couple of rows of several at the bottom of each hat. See?

Within minutes the sliding hat was no longer. Now both hats stay put....

I'm off to play with an older pattern that is like a knitted tube you can wear as a neck warmer or hat. This will be an easy pattern for the class to use also.

Be sure to create, create your little heart out.