Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Sweaters Become New Yarn

Hello Everyone,

Phew! Because of the heat I'm parched. Before I continue to write this, better get an ice cold lemon-aide. Yum!

Ah, much better. . . .

Around two months ago, Sharon brought in all of those yummy colors you are viewing. Aren't they wonderful? I've managed to forget the technical name with the process in creating the new color. I'll do my best to describe what took place.

Bee-line-your-body to the sweater section of your local second hand store. Check the labels for such fiber as; cashmere, wool, merino or any natural fiber. After your purchase you do the ripp-it thingy. Yep, rip out the entire sweater. You'll now have a pile of yarn.

Depending on the color of the old yarn you can re-dye it with a color of today. This allows you to create a new color with good quality fiber. After you've finished, you can then knit yourself a new item.

Cool, huh?