Sunday, June 28, 2009

Made For Me. Not Mine.

Hello Everyone,

Below is my story about creating something for myself only to give it away. Ever been there?

I've talked before about the adventure of finding the yarn, pattern before you sit down to knit. This hat was no different from any other one I've created except for the out-come. More on that latter.

The two stranded yarn slipped through the steel tip (turbo) circular needles like butter melting off of the corn-on-the-cob. Gliding along is an understatement. More like my fingers flew with the creation of this hat. Pleased with my progress each time I tried it on to fit my head. The simple pattern of K2, P2 became an exercise of meditation, calming.

I'll even go as far to say this was one project of smoothness all the way around. Yipppeeeeeee.

As ya'll know we meet every Thursday evening. during this time we share how our projects are moving along or not. At the time I figured it to be a good thing (inspire others) to show my new hat I made. Okay, that wasn't the best thing for me. See I've got a big heart and one of the girls asked for the hat. My reply, "Oh here you go."

Several weeks had past with me noticing the young lady not wearing the hat. I asked her what happened to the hat. Her reply was how did you know something happened to the hat? One day I was bored in class and started to tear the hat apart to see how you made it.