Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lot's of Yarn

Hello Everyone,

Been one busy summer by working on my tan and swimming. While I'm out of the water I'm reading romance mysteries and eating Bon Bon's. The books keep me entertained because of those steamy scenes that aren't coming from the sun.

One time I took my hook and some small balls of yarn with me to make some hats. You see I've taken on the task of making hats and some scarves for the display case at the local library. My hand made items must be ready for the case by August 1st. Say, that's just around the corner.?

All joking aside I'll be keeping all of you updated with the lastest in helping children around the world -- America included.

The picture of all the yarn is decreasing into hats and scarves. More information coming tomorrow.

For now have a marvelous day.