Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knitting is Hot!

Hello Everyone,
Last night I left the library one excited woman. The library has an awesome Internet connection for everyone to use. While I work on the net my knitting is sitting near me in a bag. There have been many folks who are interested with the needles sticking out of the bag.

The area I sit in is surround by windows; the shape of an L. When I get frustrated or impatient (not a true trait of myself :)) grab my knitting to calm me down. Numerous times people watch me through the window while entering or exiting the library.

Yesterday was no different to me except with young girls (5th grade) watching me. The first young lady was impressed with my hats. They were made for a donation to a charity group I belong to. Her eyes lit up when she found the one with the beads added to it. Me being me; told her she could have it. More time went by with her grandfather telling me about their hardship. I told them to pick out what they needed.

Then came the million dollar question; "Will you teach me how to knit?"

"Sure" I stated without any hestitation.

Later on another girl drags her mom over to me. (Not dragging but her excitement compared to her moms), they witnessed the prior encounter. Her mom asked if I'd help her daughter with her knitting. Her cousin tried to get her started. The girl was bouncing up and down; "I'll get the needles out of the car."

"No, I'll go with you."

"While the two of you are doing that I'm heading to the little girls room." I stated.

Walking back to the mother and daughter; the daughters eyes were shining with excitement. Mom leaves us to do some typing. I look at the girl asked; "Are you right handed or left?"


Brain to Cindy; we have a problem. You are right handed. Thank goodness for 'YouTube' I learned how to knit left handed. And old dogs can't learn new tricks. Ha!

Hugs, Cindy ;)

PS -
To be continued; with our progress and pics for everyone to see.