Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm not here. Oh, pretend you're not here?

Hello Everyone,

Beads of sweat (I know girls don't sweat but this one does.) had formed on my forehead. The entire afternoon was spent with me remaining calm, gone. The seconds ticked off that became minutes while I continued to play with the uncooperative zipper. I've chosen to dress late today. For some odd reason by late afternoon I look like a mess. This was acceptable for our guest.

The local paper (The Idaho Statesman), is sending a photographer to take pictures of the class on this February 26, 2009. One of their journalist Tim Woodward had done a interview with me a couple weeks prior. Will talk about this experience on another day.

Told myself to do the deep breathing exercise while I tried the zipper again. Took a moment to look into the full length mirror. Bottom half ready to go minus the zipper. Top half needed a lot of work, fast. Flipped my head to see the bright numbers from the clock. Now I'm late.

Tried the zipper one more time while my mind reminded me that this was my first experience with being in the spot light. The past has had me in the background aiding other people. More deep breathing followed by exhaling until no more breath came out. My nerves continued with being unruly. Another round of deep breathing while I worked with the zipper.

Frustrated beyond belief called for help. The Boyfriend was asked to assist me, immediate. Truth be known I barked the request at him. He had tried to get the zipper to move but it didn't budge. There is two more inches to go. . . . My left eye began that twitch thingy. This isn't good? Then he added his spit to the troubled spot and up the zipper went. Thanked him while I ushered myself back into the bedroom.

Twenty minutes late my body is in front of the library door with my bags and box attached to me. A nice man opened the door for me. I thanked him while I continued toward the Camas room. Felt this man following me. I turn my head to see that he is. He smiled back at me while he stated that he is the photographer.

We are now in the classroom while I apologized to him. We made introductions while the room full of children begin their fifty questions. I made an announcement for me to fix my hair while I try and calm myself, again.

Shawn was a breeze to work with. He made mention that he is not there, the fly on the wall. I made mention for me to pretend he's not there. He smiled. I knew this wasn't what he was after. Shawn stated that the editor wanted me to do my normal routine. Oh geeh....

Once I got into my groove of doing our regular routine my nerves became calm. Every evening there is a check to see if anyone has work to be photographed. These are taken by me and placed into the blog. My photographic skills are nothing like Shawn's. However I did manage to capture him.

Do you see him? Shawn? He's in the upper left hand corner of the picture on your computer screen.

I want to thank Shawn for the nice experience he gave for the class members and myself. When the opportunity arrives to work with Shawn again, look forward to it.

Now, I have spot-light experience under my belt. Okay a big stretch here but, you get my point. I'll add not even close to what Jennifer Anniston is faced with. However, I did manage to smile and be myself because of Shawn's skills.