Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello Everyone,

The rumor is true. Cindy Williams is going to be in Boise, ID on Thursday, August 7, 2008. She will be in the conference room at the Hillcrest Library. This is located in the Hillcrest shopping center -- Orchard and Overland. Her friends from Lavern and Shirley will not be able to attend. Come to think of it nor will she.

Instead is Cindy Williams the fiber artist. Cindy and the library are working on a new program called, "Hand in Hand" to make hats and scarves for newborns and children around the world. The first program date is for September 9, 2008 -- Senior Share.

You are more than welcome to meet me at the Hillcrest Library (Thursday, August 7, 2008) between the hours of noon - 4:00PM. I'll be located in the small conference room. There will be some of my work for you to look at with the different types of yarn I've been using. There will be library books there to help you if you are a beginner to new ideas for you to create with.

I'm very excited to teach one of the employees of the library to make a beanie. I'm more than happy to teach you how to start a hat or scarf also.

1.) For crocheting you'll need to purchase an "H" hook and a skein of yarn to make one scarf.

2.) For knitting you'll need to purchase a #8 needles and a skein of yarn to make one scarf.

You can find your supplies at WalMart, JoAnn's or your local yarn shop.

You are more than welcome to bring in your projects to share also. Or sit and chat with me while I work on the "Skully" cap I'm working on.

See you at the Hillcrest library.

Hugs, Cindy ;)