Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Pull Too Tight

Hello Everyone,

Hard to believe another week has come and gone. There will be numerous pictures posted before Thursday. Many new projects are being worked on. One of them is our new photographer to the new spinners.

Around a couple of months there was mention (me) about learning to spin in our group. Ordered the seven pounds of alpaca, arrived in no time. Another five pounds of sheep fleece arrived around the same time. Oops! At this time still didn't have the hand spindle chosen or made. More time went by... no spinning. The holidays had come and gone, still no spinning.

Then came the call. No not that call.

Sarah called in the later part of January. Free hand spindle class at the local yarn store. Cool. Off we go. Had a great time.... Now, we are in the middle of February. Haven't had the time to practice.

More people are asking me about the spinning class throughout the Internet, social networking. Oh my! Last Thursday evening a woman showed up to learn how to spin, hand spindle. Oh no mine is at home.

Once again Sarah to the rescue. She called her hunky husband to bring in her spindle. After we helped the kind lady we all came to the same conclusion; need an expert. Not me.

Two of our young members chose their version of hand spinning. Oh boy my hands are full.

Hugs, Cindy ;)