Sunday, June 28, 2009

Children Working Hard

Hello Everyone,

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening I'm blessed in working with a wonderful group of people. Our intergenerational group has shown me many things about myself. The eager look through the eyes of the children can give me the third or forth wind that I need.

There are several folks who are not interested in the knitting or crocheting. This is fine by me since, they like to draw. Plus they will help me out to find a book, set-up the classroom, open the door for me or just keep me company. Yep, I'm amazed at how the guys talk just as much as the young ladies. Well not that much, teehee, teehee.

The image you are viewing is of a young man who is working hard with his project.

More pictures and stories about the class are on the way. You know how life can be? Chat to all of you real soon.

Hugs, Cindy ;)