Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hi! I am Sarah Parker the person behind the scenes with this blog.

Hello all!

I am Sarah Parker.
Your blogging gal for Teaching Hands.

Over the years many changes had happened.
Everyone of them revolve around the arts.
Even my weight loss journey.
By magic (Info on this in another blog post.) there is more time for to dance, physical activity.
Dance is a form of art.

Bottom line is my life revolves around art.
And inspiring others to have a healthy life style.

Follow me.
More important.
Remain the fabulous person that you are.

Take care of you.

Small change for healthy life style, weight loss journey

The picture of Burp has nothing to do with what I want to share.
His image was the first one for me to grab.
Let's move on with my journey in living a healthy life style.

About three weeks ago, the scale shared with me the truth about me.
Meaning my body is carrying way to much weight.
eight seven pounds to be exact.

The first week lost two pounds.
Second week lost one pound.
Third week lost three pounds.

Every Monday I weigh myself.
Chat with others in their progress and struggles.
Constant changes.
Not everyone's way of being healthy will be best for you.

Chose your new adventure in living a healthy life style.
Make this yours. Do things that are for you.

Happy trails!
Continue to be your awesome self.


Monday, June 4, 2018

Dancing will remove those icky feelings

I am dead tired.
I want to stay home.
My energy level is nill.

Come and dance with us.
You'll feel better.
I went to the dance.
Had a blast.
Was a tad tired yet the movement of my body removed those tight areas.
You know.
Those areas we hold all the stress in our bodies.

Went home.
Felt more happy, peaceful.
Stretched those tight muscles.
Fell asleep.
Woke up feeling happy.

Give dancing a try when you are feeling up tight. You can do this at home.

Take care of you.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Monday is the day to...

Hi everyone!
Monday is the magic day.
The day I weigh myself.
I'm becoming more organized 
with my weight loss.
Living a healthy lifestyle.
No using that bad D word.

Did I loss any weight this pass Monday?
Thanks for asking.
I did.
Two pounds are gone!

Take care of you.

Ugh! My body hurts all time.

Once upon a time 
there was an active little girl
I need her back right now.

Hi Everyone!
Are you finding that your over weight body hurts all the time.
Walk to much, hurts.
Sit to much, hurts.
Where is that even balance.
Balance is our key word today.
The extra weight didn't arrive on the scene over night.
It's up to you to love all of you.
all the time.
I know this can be tough.
When you take the time to balance between physical activity and rest that's loving all of you.
You move around, stretch then rest. Do you best in getting back up within 30 to 60 minutes.
Repeat this process throughout the day.
Just saying, you'll notice a difference.

Take care of you.

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