Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Life is better when your singing

Have a great day!


Friendships come in many shapes and sizes.
Some are fun to be with 
while others are not.
Some friendships last our entire life
while others are two minutes.
The ones which are
loyalty and unconditional love are blessings.
Written by,
Sarah Parker

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Tears are streaming down her face,
yet she is not sad.
These are tears of happiness.
She has changed her life.
She is creating
her art work.
She is alive!

Written by,
Sarah Parker


Being starved comes in many ways.
Some its a matter of food.
Others is some one or thing to make
them feel better.

They need that reassurance life is good
When all they see and hear is negativity.
Life becomes dark and bleak.

The person becomes starved for some form of light
Any thing healthy or positive.
It's up to us to help one another out.
To give that person a hand up
out of starvation.

Written by,
Sarah Parker

Always take time from your day to rest

One Word

You begin to write with one word
then another and so on.
You must do this every day
to be your best.
Shall you choose not to
you'll always be at one word.

Written by,
Sarah Parker